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FiT (Film and Television)

The first Serbian specialized portal on film and television


Portal name: “FiT”

Launched: 2018

Target audience: Viewers of series and films, mostly American production, as well as sports, shows, domestic series and films, soap operas and reality TV

The expected number of visits: 200.000


FiT magazine

The first Serbian specialized online magazine about film and television


Portal name: FiT

Launched: 2018

Target group: Viewers of series and films predominantly western productions, domestic series and films

The expected number of visits: 200.000



FiT” is the only specialized internet portal in Serbia dedicated to film and television. Exclusive interviews, photos, a serious journalistic approach to writing texts that have an educational character, a review of current series and films, mostly western productions, as well as domestic series and films, sports, shows, soap operas and programs. Always fresh and reliable information, interesting things from the world of television and film, which until now were not available to true lovers of series and films – that is what will be found on our portal. A special segment is the first free online magazine “FiT”, dedicated mainly to the fans of American and other series and films, with interviews, reports, reviews, spoilers and news about new TV projects.



Fit” is designed for closely profiled readership, lovers of television, film and series program. The core of the reading audience will be young people aged between 18 and 40. Both sexes will be represented, because we plan to cover topics and content with all the interests of the followers.



The “FiT” portal aims to fill up, for today’s conditions, an unacceptable void, and to offer numerous fans of television and film programs, an address where they will find the complete content to satisfy their interest. Authenticity of the idea, absence of competition in digital but also in printed format, specific but not negligible target group, attractive visual identity and the fact that a medium for the first time in Serbia includes a complete offer – film, television, series, shows, sports and reality program, foreign and domestic production, online magazine, which has long been a form of the media future in the world, “Fit” makes an unavoidable destination for all media companies that want to reach out to its viewers.



In relation to most other Internet editions in our country, which are mostly an attempt by a group of enthusiasts, without previous experience in the media, with the criterion of journalistic literacy, which is usually below the average, and a poor editorial policy that insufficiently recognizes the readers demands, “Fit” leads an experienced team, with a rich journalistic experience gained in the most influential domestic daily, weekly and monthly media. Our journalists have been specializing in television and film for years, which is a guarantee of the high quality of the products we offer.